Trail Maps

SilverStar offers a great amount of terrain with 3,282 acres and 132 marked runs to be explored. There is terrain to suit all ability levels (15% beginner, 40% intermediate, 45% advanced/expert).

Intermediates particularly love the Front Side, whilst the advanced/expert riders tend to gravitate towards the Back Side due to it's challenging runs, and the lack of beginners.

The resort receives an average snowfall of 7 metres a year which is the high quality dry powder BC resorts are known for. And guests are able to enjoy great temperatures compared to other North America resorts. SilverStar tends to be cold enough so that the snow maintains in great condition, but mild enough to avoid putting on a hundred levels of layers.

SilverStar seldom attracts large crowds. Due to the vast terrain on offer, riders tend to spread out across all four mountain faces meaning lift lines tend to be minimal.

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