Things To Do

A modern city which bears the scars of the atomic bomb which was dropped in 1945. Having mostly been re-built, it is now a thriving metropolitan city, however the pain and suffering can still be seen through the monuments and the stories of the local people.

  • Peace Memorial Park

    An area of over 120,000 square metres in the heart of the city, a memorial to the victims of the atomic bomb. The large area has a number of monuments including the Memorial Cenotaph, the Children’s Peace Monument and the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound.

  • Peace Memorial Museum

    The Peace Museum is a series of displays including artifacts left from the destruction of the bomb, exhibits showing before and after, testimonies from survivors and families of survivors.

  • A-Bomb Dome

     A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of very few buildings to remain standing after the bomb. It has been left untouched as a reminder of the destruction and devastation caused.

  • Miyajima

    The famous floating torii gate located off the island of Itsukushima. When planning your trip make sure you visit at high tide so the torii is surrounded by water. Please note the ferry to Miyajima is included on the All Japan Rail Pass.

  • Hiroshima Castle

    Built in 1958 the castle was an important seat of power in Western Japan. Destroyed in the 1945 atomic bomb with a replica built 13 years later, it now serves as a museum showcasing Hiroshima before the war. The castle grounds include a shrine, ruins and other buildings of importance.

  • Onomichi

    A traditional town located in Eastern Hiroshima prefecture, famous for its temple walk. Small sloping streets throughout the town dotted with shops, houses, schools and 25 temples.

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